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Thanksgiving Photo Tips from Debbie Riggs of Pure Photography

Thanksgiving Photo Tips from Debbie Riggs of Pure Photography

Debbie Riggs, owner of Pure Photography in Abilene, Texas, is a professional photographer specializing in children and family portraits. We felt her expertise made her the perfect person to turn to for advice regarding family photos. We asked Debbie for a few tips to make the most of this year's Thanksgiving gathering. Here are a few of her favorite quick tips:

If there's time to coordinate clothing, send out a message for ideas of what to wear. "Notify everyone ahead of time and give them three colors to choose from for their outfits such as berry red, brown, gold and jeans. Let each family show their own style/personality in what they choose and yet you're not having to match exactly." This technique is helpful because it gives members a range of possibilities and keeps everyone from looking exactly the same.

"Plan on taking the family portrait outside about an hour or so before sunset," she says. Photographers know that the 'golden hour' is ideal for most shooting situations so it's worth the effort to gather your loved ones outdoors for a quick family photo.

Her final recommendation? "Hire a professional photographer!" In all seriousness, if you have family traveling from a fair distance, having a professional come to shoot a family photo would be a gift to share with all your loved ones. It can also take the pressure off of the host family, allowing them to simply enjoy capturing the moment.