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Travel and Landscape Class 4/22-24/2016

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Learn how to develop your unique vision to document and capture your travels with your camera.

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2016 Weekend Immersive – May 27-29, 2016

Wolfe's Classroom

Learn how to develop your unique vision to document and capture your travels with your camera. Move from taking snapshots to making pictures. Use your personal vision to understand and interpret the world around you through your photographs. Learn to see beyond the obvious travel or landscape image and make meaningful images that will forever remind you of your travels around the world and in the great outdoors. The course will include hands-on travel and landscape image making in and around Topeka, Kansas. The land’s subtle beauty will help you develop your eye for the less obvious and hidden visual gems that most people never bother to look for or see.

The Next Level classes are in Five 3-hour session for a total of 15 hours.
Session 1 starts at 5:30 Friday night, Sessions 2-4 are on Saturday, Session 5 ends Noon Sunday

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