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ProMaster Digital HGX Prime IRND16X (1.2) Neutral Density Filter 77mm

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Quick Overview

HGX Prime IRND filters are tuned to suppress IR light beyond the camera for extra-long exposures without reducing color vibrancy. Reduction by f-stops = 4

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    ProMaster Digital HGX IRND16X (1.2) Neutral Density Filter 77mm


Reduction by f-stops = 4

Crafted for fine lenses, HGX Prime IRND filters are individually ground, polished, and coated. They repel dirt and suppress infrared light to achieve the best possible image.


A neutral density filters should be, well...neutral. This is not as easy as it sounds. An ND filter is affected by many factors. Getting the right combination is part science and part art. This is the design collaboration that takes place between the PRO development team and their factory engineers.

Infrared (IR) Suppression

Most cameras are designed to give the best results in everyday picture-taking situations. Use of ND filters can cause long exposures in still photography that push a camera beyond its normal limit. This can create strange effects such as IR color cast. Inside each camera is a filter that reduces IR light. This in-camera filter is effective at ‘normal’ exposures but can fail at extra-long exposures leaving a purple-red color cast. IR light can be difficult to control because there is not a specific cutoff for it in all situations that doesn’t risk losing some vibrancy in the visible light red portion of what we see. HGX Prime IRND filters are tuned to suppress IR light beyond the camera for extra-long exposures without reducing color vibrancy.

Single Density ND vs. Variable ND (VND)

Variable ND filters have become quite popular. They are great but with some limitations. Every VND filter (any brand, any type) struggles with wide angle lenses at higher densities by creating an ‘X’ pattern. Also, color saturation and reflections can be affected in unexpected ways as a VND’s density is changed. This is because a VND uses two polarizers together. Variable NDs use two pieces of glass instead of one causing more light to bounce around even when the best coatings are applied. Sharpness is affected, especially in still photography. No wonder VNDs began as a videography tool. Single density ND filters, like HGX Prime IRNDs, offer the best possible quality because they avoid many of the pitfalls of a VND. HGX Prime IRNDs are the sharpest, most neutral tool a still photographer or videographer can possibly use.

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Model 6096
Brand ProMaster
UPC 029144060961

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